Justice in administrative cases shall be administered only by the courts, in accordance of all persons equality before the law and the court, regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, religion, belief or creed, occupation, place of residence and other factors.

The court shall examine the administrative case:


  1. by the person or his agent who applies for the protection of his rights or legitimate interest in the complaint or request;
  2. according to statutory authorities, agencies or officials appeal for the rights of others;
  3. according to the prosecutor, administrative entities, state control officers, and other public institutions, agencies, organizations, departments or individuals appeal cases established by laws of the state or other public advocacy;
  4. according to the local authorities, bodies, offices and an appeal for the rights of local public administration, defense;
  5. In cases prescribed by law in respect of public administration bodies appeal for administrative disputes.


And other cases in the field of administrative law.