The vast majority of services are provided in the business sector where we provide all types of assistance from the creation of a business idea to its implementation:

  • setting up a company;
  • providing complete service;
  • drafting business plans;
  • accounting;
  • legal services;
  • banking;
  • representing clients in organizations and institutions etc.

We have accumulated invaluable experience in successfully solving various business issues, such as: deals in oil trade, strategic issues for Lithuania in the energy field, medical supply wholesale, representation of clients against large retail chains, failed bank refunds to clients and so on.

From the day of the company’s foundation we offer legal services and other necessary professional help to Lithuanian and foreign subjects who are already involved or just starting their business activity. When setting up a company we make the most favourable business solutions that would lead to successful development, help to fully exploit the opportunities provided by the law and in the case of arising legal issues we secure our made advice by taking appropriate action.

We constantly provide legal services to Lithuanian companies and international corporations. We cooperate and consult with foreign embassies, lawyers and legal entities in various fields on legal issues. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes and sectors of business.

For us it does not matter whether you own a giant corporation or a small company – each client is equally important and his problems are solved with the maximum diligence and devotion. Our team knows what legal solutions can facilitate your efforts and cooperation with contractors to optimize your expenses. We can guarantee qualified legal assistance in resolving any issues related to business law.