Teisės Garantas Ltd, founded in 2009, is an international group that unites highly-qualified lawyers around the globe. Our goal is to provide certified services in the field of jurisprudence in an efficient and effective manner for both legal and natural persons.

Long-term partnerships and close relations with law firms from different countries enable us to serve our clients in many European countries including but not limited to: Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Thanks to the invaluable experience gained by many years of work and sharing best practice with our partners we are able to ensure protection of your legitimate expectations and guarantee effectiveness and efficiency of the legal services provided.

The main advantage of our company is its tremendous experience in dealing with the most complicated cases and situations. We work in close cooperation not only with our clients or partners but foreign embassies and other reputable jurisprudence experts as well.

The trust our clients and partners place in us is the best evaluation of our work in which, we are guided by the highest ethical principles, professionalism, and loyalty to our clients.


For Natural Persons

Teisės Garantas Ltd is an experienced and skilled team of lawyers who will provide You with all the necessary legal services.

Every individual situation is unique. Your and other people’s future, material well-being and other vital aspects may depend on whether or not You take the right choice of action. We are not talking just about the future – Your fate, the fate of Your loved ones may one day change due to Your action or inaction. This is why we pay maximum attention to each client and his situation. We apply every effort, all our vast knowledge and experience to protect the interests of our clients and their families. This provides us with a better understanding of Your situation and allows us to efficiently analyse and react to any arising issues.

We will help You find the optimal solution to your problem in any situation concerning: civil or domestic proceedings, hereditability, intellectual property, insurance, international/private/labour/criminal/administrative law and other legal areas. We can supply You with the necessary qualified legal information in any form that is most convenient to You – be it verbally during meetings, over the phone, by post or e-mail. Teisės Garantas Ltd will help You find the best solution in any legal situation.

Legal Services for Business

The vast majority of services are provided in the business sector where we provide all types of assistance from the creation of a business idea to its implementation:

  • setting up a company;
  • providing complete service;
  • drafting business plans;
  • accounting;
  • legal services;
  • banking;
  • representing clients in organizations and institutions etc.


We have accumulated invaluable experience in successfully solving various business issues, such as: deals in oil trade, strategic issues for Lithuania in the energy field, medical supply wholesale, representation of clients against large retail chains, failed bank refunds to clients and so on.

From the day of the company’s foundation we offer legal services and other necessary professional help to Lithuanian and foreign subjects who are already involved or just starting their business activity. When setting up a company we make the most favour able business solutions that would lead to successful development, help to fully exploit the opportunities provided by the law and in the case of arising legal issues we secure our made advice by taking appropriate action.

We constantly provide legal services to Lithuanian companies and international corporations. We cooperate and consult with foreign embassies, lawyers and legal entities in various fields on legal issues. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes and sectors of business.

For us it does not matter whether you own a giant corporation or a small company – each client is equally important and his problems are solved with the maximum diligence and devotion. Our team knows what legal solutions can facilitate your efforts and cooperation with contractors to optimize your expenses. We can guarantee qualified legal assistance in resolving any issues related to business law.

For Legal Persons

Based on our experience, we are convinced that the establishment of a legal entity is a very important, difficult and responsible step in which there is no room for error, because it can affect the entire follow-up and business development.

We provide a full range of professional services for legal persons as well as any other assistance necessary for the further implementation of the activities and business development. After the establishment of the business, we will provide professional advice; in cooperation with representative offices of various foreign embassies, banks and foreign partners, we will provide Your business with valuable tips and the package of actions to be taken for the successful business activities in the future.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is an extremely complicated process. Based on our experience, we can say that the bigger the debt, the more effort is required in order to recover it. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly understand the methods and principles of its functioning to achieve the desired result in this area. Thus, by entrusting the debt recovery to professionals, You will surely save time, energy and, most importantly, You will be protected from unnecessary additional costs and negative emotions.

After entrusting the debt recovery process to a third party, You can devote more time to Your current activities and continue to maintain good relations with customers. Teisės Garantas Ltd has a trustworthy plan of actions and measures that allows you to avoid the composition of a list of debtors and that promotes debt payments on time.

Teisės Garantas Ltd has the necessary experience which enables fast, efficient and cost-effective recovery of overdue debts. Our team of experienced professionals knows what legal actions and measures are needed to recover the debt and are able to effectively work with the legal apparatus in the recovery of the debts at both the pre-trial and court proceedings. We will help You to find the debtor and its property, make the analysis of the debtor’s financial situation, make claims, mediate in the negotiation, the debt procurement or irrecoverable debt write-offs.


The idea of our provided services is based on the defence of values and implementation of rights of a legally educated society. We believe that our activities contribute to the formation of legal values. We are able to help our client, whether he is a natural person or a legal entity, formulate his needs and help implement them. By working together as a team, we strive to maintain our high reputation, protect our status of being known as qualified professionals and remain a progressive and reliable partner that meets the expectations of clients and the public, and is able to provide high quality legal services.


Our vision and objectives is to nurture the legal relationship between natural persons and legal entities. By forging strong partnerships and mutually beneficial relations with our clients, we implement ideas in which we believe – integrity, constant and continuous improvement, and advocacy of the highest standards of cooperation. We aim to create a safe and legally developed environment for business where business representatives would be able to rely on the grounds of a legal society.


We follow the values that ensure the welfare of not only our clients and partners, but also our employees:

  • Responsibility and integrity

We would not be one of the leaders in our field if we would not fulfil our obligations responsibly and honestly. Due to these characteristics, our clients and partners hope to establish a strong partnership and continue to cooperate with us.

  • Professionalism

Experience, ability to adapt to the needs of our clients, polite and ethical communication, fast response to ongoing changes and, of course, the highest standards of provided services – criteria describing how we understand professional legal assistance.

  • Innovativeness and improvement

Constant assimilation of knowledge and innovations, professional development, analysis of the needs of clients and the aim to create legal values are the key features of our team, determining the dynamic and directed growth of our professionalism.


Work experience and the accumulated knowledge of Teisės Garantas Ltd experts – is the result of successful work, and the contribution of each team member is an integral part of the success. Relationships between employees are based on respect, trust, loyalty and honesty. We are constantly looking for qualified, experienced lawyers and top law students who value continuous learning, teamwork and innovation. We also offer internships for students. So if you value a dynamic and professional environment, if you want to constantly improve and share our values and goals, we invite you to join our team.

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Why us?

Why do I have to choose Teisės Garantas Ltd  services?

  1. Teisės Garantas Ltd founded in 2009 and our experience is more than 8 years.
  2. Our clients are well known and regarded companies.
  3. After signing a contract for legal services, our client serve by a lawyer – professional who will ensure the highest quality of service
  4. We co – cooperate with foreign lawyers, embassies, public and private companies, organizations and banks and our partners are best qualified professionals.
  5. We have certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2015” which confirms that the company is reliable and timely compliance with all
  6. In order to differentiate our legal services from the other, we have registered our own brand.