Company Bookkeeping in Lithuania

Accounting services for companies in Lithuania We provide accounting services for companies. We offer comprehensive accounting services for companies and other business entities. We register companies in the registers of taxpayers and VAT payers, we fill in Income Tax Declarations. We prepare monthly and annual reports and provide other services… (read more)

Immunity from Fines and Penalties

Relief from penalties and interest The taxpayer may be relieved from the payment of imposed penalties and interest: upon the request of the taxpayer himself or at the initiative of the tax authority (without the request of the taxpayer). In case of a tax dispute, the taxpayer may also be… (read more)

Financial Accounting

Since its establishment, the company activities have been accompanied by closely interrelated areas - law and accounting. Therefore, it is important that these areas are handled by reliable and qualified professionals. UAB “Teisės garantas” provides all legal and company accounting services. We wish to become a reliable, professional and honourable partner of Yours, ready to help in Your situation with our work and knowledge in any case. Since our company specialises in these areas, we offer to cooperate. We guarantee:…

Taxpayer Registration in Lithuania

Taxpayer registration   Registration in the Lithuanian Register of Taxpayers The general Register of Taxpayers has been established to handle the taxpayers’ accounting and to control the fairness of tax calculation, payment and withholding (hereinafter referred to as the Register).The following taxpayers, withholding agents and self-employed persons are registered in the… (read more)

Tax Return in Lithuania

Return of overpayments and inclusion of taxes in Lithuania Overpaid tax amounts are included in the taxpayer’s tax arrears. Overpaid tax amounts, which remain after covering tax arrears, shall be returned to the taxpayer. It is important to know that this procedure is introduced at the taxpayer’s initiative. If the… (read more)

Tax Calculation and Management in Lithuania

Under the applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the tax to be paid shall be calculated by the taxpayer himself and/or the withholding agent (hereinafter referred to as the taxpayer). After having noticed that the tax was erroneously calculated, the taxpayer has to recalculate it, except for the land… (read more)