Work permit law

Foreigner (third country persons) who want to work in Lithuania (or other country), must first obtain a work permit. i.e. persons are obliged to obtain permits that give them the right (to emphasize the Republic of Lithuania laws provide exceptions when such permission is not required). Lithuania work permits issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange of Social Security and Labour. Our law company have experience in the employment of foreigners. We help employ various nationality persons, including exotic countries. Labour…

Visa Services

UAB “Teisės garantas“ is providing legal services to NATIONAL visa and SCHENGEN visa issues. A foreigner who want to get one of these Visa`s must submit a number of documents. Our lawyers will provide all the necessary information, advise and prepare all the necessary documents. By request our lawyers represent the client's interests in all institutions (Migration Department and others).

Temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania

Temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania is a document that gives the right to live in the Republic of Lithuania specified in the permit period, for foreigner. The person whos authorization is granted, are free to choose their place of residence or change it later. Our lawyers will take care of: all the documents needed to prepare and comply with all legal requirements. Also we ensure that all procedures are organized and carried out on time. If client…

Law of asylum

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Law of asylum in Lithuania

Law of asylum in Lithuania European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights specifies that every person has the right to asylum (Article 18). Asylum in the Republic of Lithuania. - (Migration services)  A person by the Republic of Lithuania law's can be provided - subsidiary protection (can be granted to persons who have a well – founded fear of persecution in their home country because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion) or refugee…