Foreigner (third country persons) who want to work in Lithuania (or other country), must first obtain a work permit. i.e. persons are obliged to obtain permits that give them the right (to emphasize the Republic of Lithuania laws provide exceptions when such permission is not required). Lithuania work permits issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange of Social Security and Labour.

Our law company have experience in the employment of foreigners. We help employ various nationality persons, including exotic countries. Labour Exchange assessed both, labor market and international obligations, take the appropriate decisions and gives work permits. It should be noted that third-country nationals employment is more complicated and it takes longer, compared to the European Union citizens who are to be authorized to work in Lithuania is required (but EU citizens no  need to obtain a residence permit, unless they remain in Lithuania for less than 3 months). Therefore, if you want that all process runs quick, trust our lawyers.


Our lawyers:


  1. Consult both: an employer and an employee for a work permit issuance process.
  2. Prepare all the necessary documents which are necessary for a work permit to the relevant authorities.
  3. Represents persons in all institutions (Lithuanian Labour Exchange, or study quality assessment center – the person in case of problems with education or specialty diplom certifying (documents) in the process)
  4. Prepares contracts with foreign nationals in accordance with all the requirements and standards provided. (Non-competition, confidentiality contracts, preparation of special conditions of preparation). Also consult already concluded contracts of employment termination, modification, further performance or issues of shared responsibility.
  5. Disputes arising between an employee and an employer’s disposal.