Mediation is seen as a possible effect of the counterparty to encourage it to contract award, mediation may also include customer search, contact with customers maintenance, advertising and so on. According to the company‘s purchase and sale agreement the seller undertakes to transfer to the buyer ownership of the company as a proprietorship or a substantial part, except for the rights and obligations which the seller may not give to others, and the buyer undertakes to accept it and pay the price.

Before signing the contract parties must agree on these terms and sign the following agreements, and provide:


  • The company’s asset inventory act;
  • The company’s balance sheet;
  • The independent auditor’s report on the company’s capital structure and its price;
  • The company’s debts (liabilities) list showing the amount of debt, term of debt, type of enforcing obligations, creditors and their addresses.


The Company and its activities or other business income, if business began to engage both spouses after marriage is considered common joint property. The disposal transaction in such a case must be drawn between the two spouses, except in cases where one spouse to the other spouse’s attorney issued to such transaction. Failure to comply with this procedure the transaction can be challenged.