According to the lease agreement of the parties (lessor) undertakes to give the tenant an object to temporarily manage, and use it for a fee, while the other party (the lessee) undertakes to pay the rent.

Land lease agreement must include the following:


  • The ground lessor;
  • land tenant;
  • The ground lease object data recorded in the land register and the public register;
  • The land lease term;
  • The primary purpose of land use;
  • rented out land-based facilities conditions of use and other terms and conditions;
  • The groundwater and surface water, minerals (other than amber, oil, gas, and quartz sand) terms that do not conflict the law;
  • land use in special conditions;
  • The land use restrictions;
  • land easements and other rights in rem;
  • payment for lease of the land.;
  • other leased land use and land return at the end of the ground lease related obligations of the landlord and the tenant;
  • the responsibility for the land lease contract violations.

Pledging law – the right to use another person‘s belonging to the building of structures or to acquire and manage by ownership of land or subsoil use of it.