trust inthe policeIn context of public trust in the police of Lithuania, surveys are usually focused on surveying public opinion, interviewing citizens of the country, while police officers’ opinions shown through the prism of public trust in the police force is hardly analysed. Considering this, the research of subjective confidence in police officers conducted in this article aims to determine if police officers feel the public’s confidence and how the public expresses this confidence, what factors influence the index of public confidence in the police force, how important this confidence is to police officers themselves and to reveal other important aspects that involving police, the public and their cooperation.

Goal of this research – To investigate the trust of the lithuanian societies for the police forces and the factors that influeance it and give proposals to improve trust in the police.

Research outcomes: hypothesis that mostly police officers feels society’s trust is approved. For police officers public support is important part as it leads to a greater motivation to work. Reasons for society not to trust police are related to communication, cultural habits and manners. Another important reasons that reduces trust are belief, that police cannot appropriately investigate the crimes and low visibility of the police. Among policemen there is larger part who holds profession as prestigious and respectable in the society. Trust index in the societies eyes in the future would grow if policemen salaries would increase and more policemen would patrol the streets.

Keywords: trust, society, police, policeman, increasing trust.

In the second part of the article will give an overview of the survey with all tables.