Association of multi-family apartment house owners – A Non-profit organization, implementing the general rights of owners’ of house premises, obligations and interests related to the common use objects and the use of land that is assigned to the house by the law, it’s management, maintenance. It is a private limited liability legal person. Association can’t be a founder of company or engage in other activity other than house management and maintenance. The right of initiative to establish such association has each owner of the premises or a group of owners, as well as the Municipality Administration Director or a company, institution, organization that is responsible for the house. In a Multi-Family apartment or in multiple apartments, if it’s not possible to do it separately, only one association must be established. A constituent meeting shall be called for the establishment of the association. No  later than two weeks prior to the day of the meeting,  the initiative  group of  the association  founders shall notify in writing, the owners of the house premises and the mayor  (the  board)  of  the  municipality,  of  the  constituent meeting, announcing its agenda. A constituent meeting takes resolution to establish the association, as well as the decision of association’s head-office and approves it’s statute. Association is registered in Register of Legal Persons. From that day association gets legal person’s rights.