Legal services in the field of criminal law in Lithuania
Legal services in the field of criminal law in Lithuania

Criminal law jurisdiction of activity occurs when the deed is done (action or inaction) that the legislature classifies to crimes or misdemeanors category. To a person that made the criminal deed shall be applied the Criminal Procedure Code and the Penal Code‘s rules.

The preliminary investigation begins:

  1. On receipt of a complaint, a statement, or statement of offense;
  2. If the prosecutor or the per-trial investigation officer detects criminal activities and draw up a report.

Parties of  proceedings has the rights:

The suspect has the right to:

  1. know what he is suspected;
  2. from detention or questioning of the first moment of a lawyer;
  3. to give evidence;
  4. present investigation documents and material objects;
  5. submit applications;
  6. to challenge;
  7. access to pre-trial investigation;
  8. appeal against the investigating officer, the prosecutor or the investigating judge actions and decisions.

The accused has the right to:

  1. know what he is accused of, and get a copy of the indictment;
  2. access to the case file;
  3. in accordance with the necessary documents to make copies or extracts;
  4. have a lawyer;
  5. submit applications;
  6. to challenge;
  7. provide evidence and participate in the investigation;
  8. during the trial, to ask questions;
  9. to give explanations concerning the circumstances of the case and give its opinion on the other participants of the trial requests made;
  10. participate in the final speech, when no there is no defenders;
  11. appeal against the judgment and order.

The victim and his representative shall have the right to:

  1. to give evidence;
  2. submit applications;
  3. pre-trial investigation and court access to the file;
  4. to be present during the trial;
  5. appeal the pre-trial investigation officer, prosecutor, investigating judge and court, as well as the appeal against the judgment or order;
  6. give closing speech.

A translator, an expert and a specialist can not participate in the process in cases where appears its incompetence.