The suspect, a defense lawyer, the victim, civil plaintiff, civil defendant, suspect, victim, civil plaintiff, civil defendant’s representatives have an equal right to submit complaints to the pre-trial investigation.

Appeal against the pre-trial investigation officer‘s or the prosecutor’s actions and decisions


Complaints about the prosecutor’s actions and decisions are made at a higher prosecutor. If the higher-ranking prosecutor dismisses the appeal, this decision may be appealed to the pre-trial investigation judge.

Appeals against the pre-trial judge‘s procedural actions and orders


Complaints about the pre-trial judge‘s conducted procedural actions and decisions are filed in the district court at which pre-trial investigation judge is working and submitted to the chairman.



Appeal – an appeal of the person concerned to the appellate court to review the first instance court‘s judgment (judgment order) and to repeal or amend the factual and legal errors that are made by the court.

Appeal content


An appeal shall contain:


  1. The appellate court’s name;
  2. Case in respect of which the complaint is filed;
  3. The essence of the judgment under appeal;
  4. The grounds of appeal and the reasons;
  5. Appellant requests.


A cassational appeal


A cassational appeal is a complaint, filed in accordance with the laws, of a final judgment or order. A cassational appeal can only be in written.

Cassational appeal must contain:


  1. Court of Cassation name (Supreme Court of Lithuania);
  2. Procedural person submitting an appeal, status, name, address, or other permanent presence or location;
  3. The document title – an appeal in cassation;
  4. File, for which is filed complaint;
  5. The appellate court’s name, the date and the appellate court‘s decision;
  6. The grounds of appeal and the reasons;
  7. Claimant’s request.