A person because of inadequate health care action may complain to the State Health Care Accreditation Service. The patient or his representative shall submit a written complaint to the Authority in office on arrival, sending mail, courier, fax or e-mail by signing the electronic signature.

The complaint must contain:


  1. the addressee;
  2. patient’s name, date of birth, address (actual address) and telephone number;
  3. complainant’s personal data;
  4. subject of the complaint;
  5. whether the complaint on the same issue dealt with the health care facility;
  6. complaint census date and signature (or electronic signature).


To the Commission, the patient should indicate:


  1. body which the patient complains of;
  2. period when he was in health care institution challenged;
  3. health care professionals conduct which according to the petitioner caused him harm;
  4. monetised damage.


The complaint must be accompanied by a health care manager’s reply to the person, a copy of the statement. It is also necessary to add all of the documents supporting the claim: State Medical Audit Inspectorate document copies, copies of medical documents, injury documents, supporting documents, and so on.