It is a person hired by private persons and companies to carry out an independent investigation. His/her task is, in accordance with the client’s orders, to investigate cases in connection with damages, blackmail, adultery etc.

We provide private detective services in Lithuania and, on request, collect (provide) information. We want to help people in different situations, to analyse them, advise people in detective-related matters. In our activities, we use the latest technologies and reliable information resources; also, we ensure customer confidentiality. When providing private detective services, we follow procedures prescribed by laws and avoid violating human privacy.

We offer the following private detective services within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania:

  • Search for fugitives from justice (identification of a place of residence etc.);
  • Fact-finding of adultery and deception (we carry out investigation of adultery, collect and provide information on the future spouse);
  • Search for people or missing property;
  • Collection and provision of information about a natural person (data on a place of residence, family composition, workplace etc.);
  • Submission of information to parent about the child’s communication environment (visiting places, friends, contacts, leisure time monitoring);
  • Submission of information about a legal person (title, registered office, founders, employers, management, activities and other information);
  • Assessment of business partners’ reliability;
  • Personnel check (e.g., personnel security and integrity check);
  • Collection of information for administrative, civil, criminal proceedings (witness search, legal document preparation etc.);
  • Submission of information about movable and immovable property (e.g., data about a car: owner’s data, identification numbers; information about real estate objects: owners’ data, check of documents of an apartment, private house, garden house, villa);
  • Other detective services in Lithuania.

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Please note the list is not exhaustive. Having regard to customer needs and legal nature of relationship, we provide other legal services as well.